BFF Trading GRP gratings and panels can be used in floors, halls, walkways, gangways, platforms and more. The gratings can be fitted with an anti-slip surface and are available in different heights, sizes, colors and meshes. GRP gratings have proven themselves in many applications in many different industries.

  • Shipping

    In the shipping and fishing industry gratings are not only used for walkway. Also GRP stairs, platforms, gantries and more can be found on board.

  • Industry

    Many industrial companies use GRP gratings because of the fire resistance and chemical resistance.

  • Offshore

    GRP gratings are easy to clean, chemical resistant, fire resistant and show a high loading ability. Hence, perfect for the offshore industry.

  • Recreation

    Jetties, obstacle courses, stairs, fences, pond floors, porches, decking and more. The recreational industry has "discovered" GRP gratings.

  • Exhibitions

    Stands, exhibition floors, racks, stand walls and more. The use of GRP gratings in (industrial) exhibitions has been common for many years.

  • Other

    Windmilling, educational buildings, construction, transportation, contracting and so on. GRP gratings and panels can be used almost everywhere.