movable gangway

01Jun 2014

In december 2013, our client Venus & De waard BV started the design and construction of a movable gangway for cruise ships.

GRP gratings on walls and floors

Many cruise ships dock at the IJmondhaven in IJmuiden. Access to the ships pose difficulties, due to steep and non-flexibility walkways. As well, the tides can cause differences in accessibility of the exits.

This gangway solves all of these problems. It can be easily moved to the desired exit of the vessel and the angle can be adjusted. The gangway can also be completely dismantled. This is the first and only gangway of its kind.

This unique construction is suitable for the use of wheelchairs and the physically challenged and was put into use in May 2014.

Both the walls and floors of the gangway are fully equiped with GRP gratings of BFF Trading.