GRP Profiles

Fiberglass pultruded profiles (structural shapes) are manufactured with the pultrusion process. Glass mat and roving are drawn through a resin bath and through heated die to form the desired shape. BFF Trading pultruded profiles are available in a wide variety of shapes, including I-beam, equal angle, channel, square tube, round tube and so on. The profiles are dimensionally stable and easy to install.

BFF Trading pultruded profiles are light-weight, strong, fire resistant, chemical and UV-resistant and reduces costly maintenance. The pultruded profiles are well suited for corrosive environments and offers extended life, eliminating periodic maintenance and extra cost, which is a good alternative compared to steel profiles.

BFF Trading pultruded profiles are available in:

  • L profile
  • U profile
  • T Profile
  • I profile
  • H-profile
  • rectangular tube
  • round tube

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