GRP grating

GRP Grating

Our broad applicable molded gratings are made of a composite of glass fiber bundles with a matrix of thermoplastic resin. The combination of these materials creates a strong and durable one piece grating with a high tensile strength in two directions and a proven resistance to corrosion and chemicals. Also, the material is highly fire resistant. An optional layer of quartz grit gives the material a good anti slip feature.

Molded grating

GRP gratings are suitable for floors, walkways, platforms, walls, ceilings and many more applications.

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Pultruded grating

Pultruded grating has a large span capacity and is used with great success in the petrochemical industry and offshore.

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Heavy duty grating

Heavy-duty gratings (HLC) are mainly used in conditions where the load is very heavy and are extremely suitable for agressive chemical and corrosive conditions.

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Top cover grating

A top cover panel is used if a tight surface is needed, for example to prevent leaks. Spans up to 1200 mm can be achieved.

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Micromesh grating

BFF Trading micromesh grating is extremely suitable for scaffolding, piers and other waterly environments.

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Due to the many advantages of the material, GRP gratings are often used to improve safety on the workfloor.

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Standard size

BFF Trading GRP gratings are available in various standard sizes and colors which we keep on stock for fast delivery.

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Custom sizes

Are you looking for a different size of grating or do you have a challenging project? We are happy to help!

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