What is for a car wash than a permeable GRP floor? A super-durable permeable GRP floor! BFF Trading floor gratings are now located in various car wash facilities.


BFF Trading GRP gratings can be found in many ports in the Netherlands, as they are frequently used in landing stages, piers and scaffolding.


We provide different "heavy" industries with crane floors, stairs, landing constructions, railings and more.


In december 2013, our client Venus & De waard BV constructed a movable gangway for cruiseships. The floors and walls are fully equipped with BFF Trading gratings and panels.


Shipping industry

BFF Trading supplies various solutions for the shipping and fishing industry.

Kunststof trap

Stair construction

GRP steps for staircases are available in open and closed mesh or panels, and are always fitted with a quartz grit antislip surface.

Segway obstacle course

Oxygen Segway Events Management was for the "Segway Live Experience Obstacle Course" in need of movable, strong, easy to use and lightweight materials.