Safety & features

Safety & features

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Our broad applicable gratings are made of a composite of glass fiber bundles with a matrix of thermoplastic resin. The combination of these materials creates a strong and durable one-piece grating with a high tensile strength in two directions and a proven resistance to corrosion and chemicals.

GRP gratings are very safe to use in many applications and are often used to improve safety on the workfloor. The fastest growing application is the protection of workers from the hazzards of machinery, conveyor belts and assembly lines.

Cutting the cost

The reliability and long-term cost savings make these gratings the first choice for many industrial sectors and an ideal replacement for metal gratings.

All features

  • sustainable and durable
  • maintenance free
  • strength in two directions
  • high loading ability
  • easy to customize
  • installs easily and at low cost
  • stainless and corrosion resistant
  • lightweight
  • non-slippery
  • resistant to most chemicals
  • spark free and fire resistant

The maintenance-free molded gratings of BFF Trading are customizable and easy to install. The gratings can be used in many different ways.